Rains County Appraisal District General Policy & Policies for Public Access

Rains County Appraisal District General Policy & Policies for Public Access

General Information

The Rains County Appraisal District (RCAD) appraises taxable property for all entities in Rains County including the county, cities, school districts, and special districts. The District appraises more than 60,000 property parcels annually. The District also administers exemptions and special appraisals, and determines the taxable situs of property. The chief executive officer of the Appraisal District is the Chief Appraiser.

The governing body of the district is the Appraisal District’s Board of Directors. The Appraisal District also has an Appraisal Review Board, which hears property owner protests regarding values and other related matters.

Board of Directors

A Board of five Directors governs the Appraisal District. Board members select the Chief Appraiser, adopt the annual district budget, appoint Appraisal Review Board members, and ensure that the District follows the policies and procedures required by law. The Board’s authority over appraisal matters is limited. The Board does not appraise property, make decisions affecting the appraisal roll, or review values on individual properties. The Property Tax Code assigns these tasks to the Chief Appraiser and the Appraisal Review Board.

Public Access to the Board of Directors

It is the policy of the Board of Directors to provide the public with a reasonable opportunity to address the Board concerning the policies and procedures of the Appraisal District and on any issue within the Board’s jurisdiction. Generally, the Board’s statutory functions involve: 1) adopting the appraisal district’s annual operating budget; 2) contracting for necessary services; 3) hiring a Chief Appraiser; 4) appointing a Taxpayer Liaison Officer; 5) appointing Appraisal Review Board members; 6) making general policies on the appraisal district’s operation.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors of the Rains County Appraisal District (RCAD) will meet in regular sessions.  Meetings are typically on the third Thursday of the month at 12:00 PM. An agenda of such meetings shall be made public in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act and posted on the RCAD public website, at its office location, and at the County Courthouse. At each regularly scheduled meeting the Chairman will announce that each person wishing to address the Board on appraisal district policies, procedures, or issues under the Board’s jurisdiction may have time to speak.


The District will provide an interpreter at a meeting if a person who does not speak English or communicates by sign language notifies the Chief Appraiser in writing at least three business days before the meeting. The person must indicate that he or she desires to address the Board and is unable to provide an interpreter.

Access by Disabled Persons

The RCAD office is located at 145 Doris Briggs Parkway Emory, TX 75440, has van accessible parking spaces for the handicapped in front of the building. The board meeting room and ARB hearing rooms are also wheelchair accessible. A person who needs additional assistance for entry or access should notify the Chief Appraiser in writing at least three business days before the meeting.

Policies for Resolving Complaints

The Board will consider written complaints about the policies and procedures of the appraisal district, the Appraisal Review Board (ARB), the Board of Directors, and any other matter within its jurisdiction. The Board will not consider complaints addressing any matter that could be grounds for a challenge, protest, or correction motion before the ARB as set out in the Texas Tax Code. The Board has no authority to overrule the Chief Appraiser or the Appraisal Review Board’s decision on a value, a correction, or a protest.

Complaints should be filed with:

(Chief Appraiser, Chairperson, or Individual Board Member)
Rains County Appraisal District
Box 70, Emory, TX 75440

Board deliberations concerning complaints will comply with the provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551, Government Code. Until final disposition of a complaint, the Board is to notify the parties at least quarterly on the status of a complaint unless notice would jeopardize an investigation.

Chief Appraiser

The Chief Appraiser is the chief administrator of the appraisal office. The Chief Appraiser and his staff appraise the properties in the appraisal district. All personnel of the appraisal office are employees of the appraisal district and are accountable to the Chief Appraiser.

Appraisal Review Board

The Appraisal Review Board is responsible for hearing and resolving protests from property owners concerning appraisal of their properties. The ARB’s duties are governed by the Texas Property Tax Code.