Procedures for 2022 Protests


Rains County Appraisal District has prepared 2022 Notices of Appraised Value for all real properties.  These notices should be mailed on or around April 18, 2022.  That will open the window for property owners to conduct informal meetings with their appraiser before formal protest.  At this time informal meetings with appraisal staff will be scheduled after Protest has been filed and received in our offices.  We want to protect the property owner with the option to protest in case of delay or other circumstances.  To better serve the public, appointments will be set up in order of received protest.  Appraisal Review Board hearings will be scheduled after protest is filed and an appraiser will contact you prior to your scheduled hearing date.

Protest can be filed on-line at our website, by mail and there is a mail slot on our front door available. Please include your phone number and/or email address to enable the appraiser to contact you.    Any supporting documentation can be emailed to your appraiser once they have contacted you.

BPP, Mineral and Industrial Notices of Value will be mailed out at later date.

If for any reason you are unable to contact us by phone, please send us an email to so that we will have a record of your inquiry.  We will work hard to provide a prompt response.

Rights and Remedies

Protest and Appeal Procedures